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Ann Howard and William Tunnell

Ann Howard and William Tunnell

Ann Howard was born about 1710 and died 18 February 1814 in Robertsville, Anderson, TN.She was the daughter of Henry Howard/Hayward and Elizabeth Moss. She married William Tunnell.

William Tunnell was born about 1710 in France. He was the son of Guillaum Tonnelier
William Tunnell was a shoemaker.

Their children were:

1.Robert Tunnell born 1747 Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA
2.Stephen Tunnell born 1753 Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA
3.Elizabeth Tunnell born 9 October 1756 Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA and died 19 March 1853 Ewing, Lee, Va. She married George Russell Ball.
4.William Tunnell born 1751 died 16 August 1814 near Robertsville, Anderson Co., TN married Mary Maysey

Sketches of Tennessee's Pioneer Baptist Preachers: Being, Incidentally, a ...‎ - Page 523
by James Jehu Burnett - Religion - 1985

James Tunnell

James Tunnell was born near Fredericksburg, VA in the year 1777. He was a son of "Rev. Stephen Tunnell, a Methodist minister, who reared a large family, nine sons and one daughter." His grandfather, Wiliam Tunnell, was born in France, about the year 1703, being the oldest child of his parents, who were "godly people", the religious faith of the family, is is said, being "pronouncedly, pugnanciously Calvinistic." With William as a "babe in arms." his parents, fleeing from religious persectution, like many another Huguenot family, came to Yorkshire, England, where the infant son grew to manhood, and married Anne Howard--"Lady Anne," she was called, because the datughter of a "gentlemen," the title clinging to her as long as she lived. This couple, about the year 1736, emigrated from Yorkshire, England, to Virginia, settling in Spottsylvania County, near Fredericksburg. Stephen Tunnell...

Anne's father spelled his surname Hayward
York Co, VA Orders & Wills Book 14 pp 146-148

He owned a considerable amount of land, "wo hundred & fifty acres of land also two hundred sixteen acres joyning to it which I took up the with land I give unto unto my son Henry Hayward" He also left to his son Francis, "plantation that my son Henry Hayward now lives upon being two hundred acres of land, one hundred acres more adjoyning to it formerly called Gnerry's Land & with land.", and to his son William, "four hundred sixty six acres of land", and to his son John, he left, "five hundred and fifty acres of land" as well as an extra 100 acres to be divided among them, a grist mill and some timber land.He also left negro slaves,at least 23 of them named: Gravesend, Ren, Hannah & Will, Jnonss, Jimmy & Mall,Frank, Young Peter, Robbin & Sary, Su & Jane, Nancy or Hannah, Kate, Jack & Cetty, peter, Jack, Tom, Black Betty & Nanny
She may have been entitled to call herself a LADY, but whether or not she did, I do not know. Her great grandfather was a Baron.

Holston Methodism: from its origin to the present time‎ - Page 176
Richard Nye Price - 1912
William Tunnell, father of the subject of this sketch, was born in France in the first decade of the eighteenth century—it is believed in the year 1703. He was the oldest child of his parents, and the only one born in France. The parents of William Tunnell were stout Calvinists, godly people. Removing to Yorkshire, England, when William was an infant, the family soon became thoroughly Anglicized. The religious faith of the family was pronouncedly, pugnaciously Calvinistic. There are yet “John Calvin” Tunnells. Anne Howard, wife of William Tunnell and mother of John, born in Yorkshire, England, in 1710, was the daughter of a gentleman. The title “Lady Anne” clung to her to the day of her death. William and Anne Tunnell were married in England, but the date of their marriage is not known. They immigrated from Yorkshire, England, to Virginia and settled in Spottsylvania County, two miles below Fredericksburg, about the year 1736, and they resided in that vicinity some years. William Tunnell died, it is believed in Loudoun County, VA., December 28, 1787. Anne Tunnell died at the house of her son, Rev.William Tunnell, near Robertsville, Anderson County, Tenn., February 18, 1814, at the advanced age of one hundred and four years.

A footnote in the book says that Anne and William's son Rev.William Tunnell, was a Baptist preacher. He was born in 1751. William settled near Robertsville Anderson Co., and raised thirteen children. He died August 1814. Their son Stephen was a Methodist, born 1753. Stephen moved to Washington Co., TN in 1789. He had nine sons and one daughter. Their son Robert Tunnell moved to North Carolina.
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