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Sarah Fuller and Moses Hayton

Sarah Fuller was1833 in Russell County, VA and died1921 in Mill Creek, Russell Co., VA. She was the daughter of Hester Ball and Jesse Fuller. She married 15 July 1852 Pike Co., KY to Moses Hayton, son of Thomas Hayton and Elizabeth Allen. He was born 1831 in Va and died 2 October 1875 in Fort Gay, Wayne Co., WV.

Their family can be found in the 1860 Pike Co., KY census; the 1890 Lawrence Co., KY census;

Moses Hayton was killed in when a boiler exploded at the Fuller Sawmill in Wayne County, West Virginia.

Moses served in the 39th KY Mounted Infantry during the Civil War with his brothers Thomas and Joseph.

(from "Marriage Bonds of Pike County Kentucky 1822-1865" by Clyde Runyon, 1984)

"File No. 1211 - License issued July 14, 1852 by John N. Richardson clk for

marriage of Moses Hayton and Sarah, Fuller, daughter of Jesse Fuller, who gave

legal consent. Bond by Moses Hayton and William C. Price; signed by Moses

Hayton (by mark) and by W.C.Price. Letter, dated July 14, 1852, requesting

license for Moses Hayton and Sarah Fuller; signed by Jessee Fuller and attested

by Thos. Price and W.C. Price. Married July 15, 1852 by Harvy G. Reynolds, EBC;

attest Thos. Price and John W. Price."

Date of paper: October 6, 1874
Wayne Co. W.Va.
States: "On Friday, the boilers of the large steam mill of EP FULLER at Round Bottom - midway between this place (Catlettsburg) and Louisa - exploded with great violence, instantly killing Moses Hayden (sic) and Wesley Haden, father and son, and _______Shannon and Harry Harris, the latter about 18 years old and resided near Buena Vista Furnace.

Samuel Burk, _____ Braden, head sawyer Oscar Strother and Ep FULLER, the proprietor, were dangerously wounded. We do not know if the wounded can live. The mill was blown to bits."

BIG SANDY HERALD - October 13, 1874
"Lawrence County (Louisa Letter)
Another account of the mill explosion: Nine persons were in the building at the time of the explosion: Moses Heaton (sic) and son, Granger Shannon, William Harris, Samuel Burke, Harry Brayton, Jeff FULLER, Roscoe Strother and Ep FULLER.

The mill was a frame structure, property of EPPERSON FULLER, and was in Wayne Co., W.Va. on the banks of Big SANDY, near the curve in the river known as Dean Bend. It was a saw and grist mill, and a log was being sawed at the time of the explosion. The explosion occurred about 3 p.m. Oct. 2, 1874.

Moses Heaton was killed outright, both legs blown off at the knees; he was dead when found. His son was hit in the head with one of the iron door frames and the force of the blow tore the top of his skull off, throwing part of his brains some 18 feet from where he stood. He lived about 15 - 20 minutes. The Heatons lived near the mill.

Granger Shannon lived about 8 miles from Louisa and had stopped at the mill on his way down the river. His injuries were about the hips and bowels. He lived perhaps 30 minutes. Shannon was married and was a half-brother of William Shannon of Wayne.

William Harris was from Coalton neighborhood, but was living at the time of his death at Perry Powell's. He was instantly killed. The wounded, it is thought will get well.

Dr. John Wade lives at Lindsey Smith's about a mile or so from the mill. He immediately went to help. Dr. Carnahan, who also lived not far away, rendered his assistance."

This information taken from "Bygone Bylines From Eastern Kentucky Newspapers" - Abstracted, Annotated, Indexed by Evelyn Scyphers Jackson and Cora Meek Newman

Moses Hayton and Sarah Fuller had the following children:

1. James Madison Hayton born May 1854 in Pike Co., KY died after 1930 in Cabell Co., WV m. Elizabeth Tennesse Harris

2. Sarah J. Hayton born 1856 Pike Co., KY

3. John Wesley Hayton born 1858 Pike Co., KY died 2 October 1874 Fort Gay, Wayne Co., WV

4. Mary E. Hayton born 1859 Pike Co., KY

5. William Hayton born 1864 Pike Co., KY

6. Thomas Epperson Hayton born 8 October 1865 Wayne Co., WV died 3 June 1927 Lawrence Co., KY m. Estella Clere

7. Jefferson Hayton born 1866 WV died after 1880

8. Permilia Hayton born 1869 WV and died after 1880

9. Linda Hayton born 1871 Wv and died after 1880

10. Henry Hayton born 1878 WV and died after 1880

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