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Sibyl Marshal and William De Ferrers

Sibyl Marshal was born 1204 in Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales and died before 1238. She was the daughter of William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke and Isabel De Clare. She married William De Ferrers before 1219. He was the son William de Ferrers, 4th Earl of Derby and Agnes of Chester, a daughter of Hugh of Kevelioc, Earl of Chester and Bertrada de Montfort He was born 1193-1200 in Derbyshire, England and died 124 in Evington, England.

Married secondly c. 1238 Margaret, first daughter and coheir of Roger de Quincy, Earl of Winchester. Invested with the Earldom at Westmoreland, 1247.

After doing homage to King Henry III, he had livery of Chartley Castle and other lands of his mother's inheritance. He accompanied King Henry to France in 1230. He sat in parliament in London in the same year.

Family and children

William Ferrers and Sibyl Marshal had seven daughters:

1.Agnes Ferrers (died May 11, 1290), married William de Vesci.

2.Isabel Ferrers (died before November 26, 1260), married (1) Gilbert Basset, of Wycombe, and (2) Reginald de Mohun

3.Maud Ferrers (died March 12, 1298), married (1) Simon de Kyme, and (2) William de Vivonia, and (3) Amaury IX of Rochechouart.

4.Sibyl Ferrers, married (1) John de Vipont, and (2) Franco de Mohun.

5. Joan Ferrers (died 1267), married to:
John de Mohun;
Robert Aguillon

6.Agatha Ferrers (died May 1306), married Hugh Mortimer, of Chelmarsh.

7. Eleanor Ferrers (died October 16, 1274), married to:
William de Vaux;
Roger de Quincy, Earl of Winchester;
Roger de Leybourne, but had no issue

In 1238, William Ferrers married Margaret de Quincy (born 1218), daughter of Roger de Quincy, Earl of Winchester and Helen of Galloway. Bizarrely, Margaret was both the stepmother and stepdaughter of William's daughter, Eleanor. The earl and Margaret had the following children:

1.Robert de Ferrers, 6th Earl of Derby, his successor. He married:
Mary de Lusignan, daughter of Hugh XI of Lusignan, Count of Angoulême, and niece of King Henry III, by whom he had no issue;
Eleanor Basset, daughter of Ralph Basset, Lord Basset, by whom he had an only son, John

2.William Ferrers obtained, by gift of Margaret, his mother, the manor of Groby in Leicestershire, assuming the arms of the family of De Quincy. He married:
Anne le Despencer, daughter of Hugh le Despencer, 1st Baron le Despence
Eleanor, daughter of Matthew Lovaine.

3.Joan Ferrers (died 19 March 1309) married Thomas de Berkeley, 1st Baron Berkeley.

4.Agnes Ferrers married Robert de Muscegros, Lord of Deerhurst.

5.Elizabeth Ferrers, married to:
William Marshal, 2nd Baron Marshal;
Prince Dafydd ap Gruffydd

He suffered from gout from youth, and always traveled in a litter. He was accidentally thrown from his litter while crossing a bridge, and died of the resulting injuries. William de Ferrers is buried at Merevere Abbey, Warwickshire, England. His widow died on March 12, 1280.

A Genealogical History of the Dormant, Abeyant, Forfeited, and Extinct ...
By Bernard Burke
Also confirms Sibyl as marrying William De Ferrers

Sanders, I.J. English Baronies: A Study of Their Origin and Descent, 1086-1327, 1960
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WILLIAM (-Evington, near Leicester 28 Mar 1254, bur Merevale Abbey). The Annales Londonienses name "Willelmum juniorem qui fuit comes de Ferrariis" as the son of "Willelmo seniore" & his wife[227]. He succeeded his father in 1247 as Earl of Derby. The Annals of Tewkesbury record the death in 1254 of “comes de Ferrers”[228]. The Annals of Burton record the death “V Kal Apr apud Eventonam” in 1254 of “Willelmus comes de Ferrariis comes Derbeiæ” and his burial “in capitulo de Mirevalle II Kal Apr”[229]. m firstly (before 14 May 1219) SIBYL Marshal, daughter of WILLIAM Marshal Earl of Pembroke & his wife Isabel Ctss of Pembroke (-before 1238). The Chronicle of Tintern Abbey, Monmouthshire records that "quarta filia…Willihelmi Marescalli…Sibilla" married "Willielmo de Ferrers comiti Derbiæ"[230]. m secondly (1238) MARGARET de Quincy, daughter of ROGER de Quincy Earl of Winchester & his first wife Helen of Galloway (-before 12 Mar 1281). The Annales Londonienses name "Margarete countesse de Ferreres et Eleyne la Zusche et la countesse de Bougham" as the three daughters of "Eleyn countesse de Wynton"[231]. Earl William & his first wife had seven children

The history of the town and castle of Tamworth: in the counties of Stafford ...‎ - Page 364
by Charles Ferrers Raymund Palmer - Tamworth (England) - 1845

De antiquis legibus liber [attr. to A. Fitz-Thedmer]. Cronica maiorum et ...‎ - Page xxi
by Arnald Fitz-Thedmar - 1846

In the same year the King conceded to William de Ferrers that of 300 marks by which he made fine with him because he had married Sibilla his daughter to Francus de Bohun without his assent and licence that the render should be 20Li. annually until the sum was paid. In the same year both William de Ferrers, Earl of Derby, and Agnes, his countess, were deceased, and their lands taken into the King's hands and committed to custody, as we learn from an entry on the Fine Roll, dated at Westminster 25th September 1247 ; and on the 10th of November following the King took the homage of William de Ferrers of all the lands and tenements which had been those of Agnes, late Countess of Derby, of which the Castle of Chartley, com. Stafford, was the chief seat.

For more on their daughters see the Ferrers Sisters


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Hello Wanda,
I was most interested in this section on early Midhurst families & links to Anthony de Beck, Bishop of Durham.
Midhurst was linked to the Coldham's (my family surname) & i also have 16th century BECK YDNA links- which might possibly suggest a link back to the kinsmen of Bishop Anthony de Beck.
Many of the other names (De Insula) are also highly familiar in COLDHAM genealogy. Sir Anthony Browne was also a good friend of Mr. (John) Couldham, a merchant of Yarmouth <>- a linguist who accompanied his son on tours of Europe.
I just wondered how your ancestry links to these characters. May i ask your ancestral (paternal) surname? Have any males in the family taken a YDNA test?
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Hello Wanda,
I was most interested in this section especially I have:
A) a YDNA link to a 16th century Flemish De Beck line which is making me curious about my Midhurst Coldham lines and the links to the BOHUNS & Anthony de Beck, Bishop of Durham.--
B) a heraldic and probably a genetic link to BYNE’s.
None of the BYNE’s seem to have taken any YDNA testing---which I hope to remedy...
C) Clear & ancient linkages between the Browne’s and the Sussex-Surrey Coldham’s....the origin of which is mysterious....but might relate to tenancy, subinfeudation etc...
I just wondered how your own ancestry links to these characters. May i ask your ancestral (paternal) surname? Have any males in the family taken a YDNA test?
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