Sunday, December 14, 2014

My Descent from Ragnar Lothbrok Lodbrokar and The Dukes of Normandy

Last year's The Vikings, which aired on The History Channel, was very interesting to me. I love history. But it was also interesting to me because I descend from Ragnar Lodbrok.

+Aslang Sigurdsdottir

Heluna Bleja

Thora Sigurdsdottir(806-)

Aseda Ascrida Ragnvaldsdottir
+Glumra 'eystein The Noisy' (788-) see other ancestrys on this blog, ancesty from William Marshal

+Gunnor of Crepon

+Catherine Moleyns 

+Agnes Tilney  

+Margaret Gamage

+Francis Gouldwell

+Jane Monson

+Margaret Clarke

+Elizabeth Moss

Ann Howard(1710-1814)

+George Russell Ball( 1752-1825)

+Elizabeth Tennessee Harris  

Mary Elizabeth Lilly(1921-2012)
+Frank Clifton Taylor Sr.    My Paternal Grandparents

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