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George Boone And Sarah Uppey

George Boone was born on 17 Nov 1646 in Exeter, Berks Co., Pennsylvania, USA as the first child of George Bohun and Catherine Morgan. He died in May 1696 in Devonshire, England. When he was 18, He married Sarah Uppey,daughter of John Uppey, in 1665 in , Devon, , England.

George Boone was buried in Stoke Canon, Devon, England (Church of St. Magdelene). He was employed as a blacksmith in Stoke Canon, Devon, England.

George Boone and Sarah Uppey had the following children:

1. George III Boone was born on 17 Nov 1666 in Stoak, Exeter, Devon, England. He died on 27 Jul 1744 in Berks Co., Pennsylvania, USA. He married Mary Milton Maugridge on 16 Aug 1689 in Bradninch, Devon, England (St. Disen’s Church).

2.Henry Boone was born on 19 Oct 1663 in Stoke Canon, Devon, England. He died in 1685 in Stoke Canon, Devon, England.

3.John Boone was born in 1673 in Exeter, Devonshire,  England. He died in 1685 in Stoke Canon, Devon, England.

4.Percis Boone was born in 1675 in Stoke Canon, Devon, England. She died in 1747 in , Berks, Pennsylvania, USA.

James Boone, Old James Boone Genealogy, Historical Society of Wisconsin, Boone Genealogy as written by James Boone, March 21st, 1788 - now in the archives of the Wisconsin Historical Society. George Boone, III, (son of George & Sarah Boone) was born at STOAK (a village near the city of Exeter) in A.D. 1666, being a Weaver; his Wife's Maiden Name was MARY MAUGRIDGE, who was born in BRADNINCH (eight Miles from the City of Exeter) in the Year 1669, being a Daughter of John Maugridge & Mary his Wife whose Maiden Name was MILTON. They (the said George & Mary Boone) had nine Children that lived to be Men and Women: namely, George, Sarah, Squire, Mary, John, Joseph, Benjamin, James & Samuel, having each of them several children, excepting John was was never married. The said George and Mary Boone with their Family, came from the Town of Bradninch in Devonshire, Old-England (which is a Town at 8 miles Distance from the city of Exeter, and 177 measured Miles Westward from London); they left Bradninch the 17 Aug. 1717, and went to Bristol where they took Shipping, and arrived at Philadelphia in 1717 September 19, Old-Stile, or October 10th New-Stile; three of their Children, to wit, George, Sarah & Squire they sent in a few Years before. From Philadelphia they went to Abingdon, and staid a few Months there; thence to North-Wales, and liv'd about 2 Years there; then to Oley in the same County of Philadelphia, where Sarah (being married) had moved to some Time before. This last Place of their Residence (since the Divisions made in the Township of Oley & County of Philadelphia) is called the Township of Exeter in the County of Berks: It was called Exeter, because they came from a Place near the City of Exeter. And, He the said George Boone the Third, died on the Sixth Day of the Week, near 8 o'clock in the morning, on the 27th of July 1744, aged 78 years; and Mary hi wife died on the 2d Day of the Week, on the 2d of February 1740-1, aged 72 years; and were decently interred in Friends Burying-Ground, in the said Township of Exeter. When he died, he left 8 Children, 52 Grand-Children, and 10 Great-Grand-Children, LIVING, in all 70, being as many Persons as the House of Jacob which came into EGYPT. The Boone Society, Yates Publishing, U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 (Online publication - Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2004.Original data - This unique collection of records was extracted from a variety of sources including family group sheets and electronic databases. Originally, the information was deriv),,, Source number: 377.000; Source type: Electronic Database; Number of Pages: 1; Submitter Code: DJC.. Birth date:  1646Birth place:  Marriage date:  1670Marriage place:.

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