Sunday, September 29, 2013

Census Sunday

I am going to try to follow along with the daily blog prompts from blogging prompts. But I don't want to get off track with my goal of posting biographical details on all of my lines from William Marshal.  So, since George Washington Lilly and Nancy Jane Hayton are first on that next line, I will post some census' for them.

Lilly, George     Head 51 laborer timber industry
Nannie wife 28
Tempie daughter 14
Bonanza daughter 13
Omer son 12
Loranza daughter  (error) 9
Andy son 6      ( I believe this is their son Audy Green)
Naomi daughter 2 1/2
Ireland son 3/12
Brown's Creek District of McDowell County, WV 1920

George moved around to find work a lot. Notice that his oldest daughter is named after Tempie, AZ and the second eldest is named after Bonanza, AK. Both were places he was working when they were born.  Loranza was their son Loranzo Ballard Lilly.

It is also remarkable that there is such an age difference between Nancy Jane Hayton and George W. Lilly.

Lilly, George head 61 farming
Nannie wife 40
Omar son 21
L.B. son         19
Albert son 17
Audia(Audy) son 14
(illegible(Naomi )dau 12
Arlan (Ireland)son 10
Elizabeth           dau 9
P.J. (Paul) son         7
Martha             dau 5
Carl                    son 2

Sandy River District, McDowell County, WV, 1930

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