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William Cleireach Macleod

William Cleireach Macleod , the fifth Chief of Macleod, succeeded his father, John Ian Ciar MacLeod. He was much beloved by his clan for his valour and for his sense of justice; he was remarkably handsome, of talents and information far beyond his age, and made a great figure among his countrymen.

He married Janet, daughter of Ogilvie (?), and had issue— 1, John, his heir; 2, Tormoid, who had a son-—1, William, from whom are descended the sept called Clann Mac Mhic Uilleam, of whom were the family of Borline, a member of which was Captain William Macleod, of the 73rd Regiment, who died at Tranguebar, and whose son was the late General William Com- perno Macleod, and another member of which was General Norman Macleod, of the 1st (Royal Scots) Regiment, who was lost in the wreck of a steamer in 1840, and who was first cousin of Captain William Macleod. 2, Alexander, whose daughter was the famous poetess, " Mairi Nighean Alastair Ruaidh," and of whom were descended the sept called Clann Mac Mhic Alastair Ruaidh, of whom were the family of Balh'more and of St Kilda, a member of which was Dr John Macleod, who was Inspector-General of Army Hospitals in Madras, and of which several members settled in America, while many were to be found in Waternish. William Macleod died suddenly at the Castle of Camus, in Sleat, in 1405, and was buried in lona.

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