Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gregor MacGregor

History of the Clan Gregor
By Amelia Georgiana Murray MacGregor, Clan Gregor Society

Gregor, eldest son of Duncan Ladosach, according to the Baronage married Isabel,daughter of Cameron of Stronhead and had son

1. Duncan, who succeeded him, and who was sent to Aberach or Lochaber which is where his name Duncan Aberach comes from

2. Patrick, who was brought up in Athole and became known as Parig Adholach or Aulich, he was executed in Edinburgh with Glenstray, February 1604. He left five sons.

3. There was a 3rd son, sent to Stratherarn.

also a daughter named More, Mary, Mairie who married to a MacGregor

See my other post on Duncan MacGregor to see how Gregor was killed by Colin Campbell.

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