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Sihtric Caoch Sigtryggr Gale

Sihtric Caoch Sigtryggr Gale left sons Sihtric Silkbeard of Dublin and Harold or Harald Sihtricsson, King of Limerick, and Olaf Cuaran.

Coach refers to a defect of his eye and Gale refers to his ancestry. He was the king of York. He was a grandson of Ivarr of Dublin. He was born about 890 and died about 927.

He was the son of Sitric I or Sigtryggr Halfdansson, King of Dublin, who was born about 860 and died about 896. In some places Sigtryggr Halfdansson is listed as the son of his uncle Ivar the Boneless, but since his surname is Halfdannson, it is more likely that his father was Halfdan White Shirt, King of Dublin who died 877.

Halfdan White Shirt was the son of Ragnar or Ranald Lodbrock/Lodbrok(hairy britches).

Sitric Sigtryggr married in 925 at York, Saint Edith of Polesworth. She was the sister of King Athelstan of England. When he died, she became a Benedictine nun at Polesworth, Warwickshire. She was noted for her holiness and may have become Abess. She may also have been the sister of King Edgar and aunt of St. Edith of Wilton. Her feast day in July 15th.

In 919 a battle was fought at Cilmashogue. The Irish army was defeated, and the Vikings seized Dublin, reestablishing control over the districts which they had before held. The Dublin dynasty became rulers also over the kingdom of York. Sigtrygg became king of Dublin and Ragnvald became the king of York. Ragnvald also conquered Bernecian and the northern part of Northumbria in 912. In 920 Sigtrygg left Dublin on an expedition to southern England. On the death of Ragnvald, which occured about 921, he was made king of York.

Sigtrygg's son Godred ruled as king of Dublin until 934 and was succeeded by his son Olaf Godredsson.

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