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Olaf the Black Godredsson, King of Mann and the Northern Isles, born about 1173-1177, the son of Godred the Black Olafsson. His younger brother Ragnald IV usurped his succession. Olaf fought with him for years. After he killed him, Olaf took the throne in the year 1229.

Olaf was driven out of Man in the following year, by Alan of Galloway. He was forced to flee to Norway for assistance.. Early in 1230 he sailed from Norway with his nephew Godred Dunn. Different accounts say he had a fleet of between 20 and 80 ships He invaded the Isle of Bute and captured Rothesay Castle, which the Stewart dynasty held. They then sailed to Mann and took it back. He married a Lady from Kintyre. He married second Joan Unknown and as his third wife he married Christina Ross, daughter of Farquar, Earl of Ross.

Olaf died 1237 at Peel Castle, on the Isle of St. Patrick.

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