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Leod Olafsson

In the year 1237 Leod Olafson or Olafsson became the last king of the Isles, from his name came the family name of MacLeod. He was born about 1200, the son of Olaf the Black,King of Man and the Northern Isles. His mother was Christina Ross.

His ancestry goes back to a Norwegian King of Mann. He married the heiress of Gofra Macrilt Armuinn (Godrey MacHarold the tax gatherer). By this marriage he gained Dun Bheagan. He had two sons Tormod and Torquil In order to keep them from fighting, Leod decided to give them land before his death. Tormod received part of their homeland known as Harris and Skye, or Siol Tormod.

Torquil received Lewis, or Siol Torquil. Tormod did not like the division, because Tormod's land was greater in size. Leod felt that Tormod's land was superior in quality, since it had good farming land, He also told his son that Torquil would have to ask to pass over his brother's land in order to get to Uist.

Tormod based his holdings at Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye. It was said to have been built by Norwegians in the 9th century. Skye was the most easily defended island and Dunvegan castle allowed him to do this.

When Leod died, about 1280, he was buried at Iona. Tormod became his heir as oldest son, and Chief of Clan MacLeod.

Torquil married the heiress of the MacNicols, and by this marriage gained Assynt and other land in Wester Ross and was given a charter by David II, and became an independent chieftain. His descendants were known as MacLeod of Raasay.

Am Bratach Sith of Dunvegan‎ - Page 87
by Duncan Hamilton - Non-Classifiable - 2008 -
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