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Godred The Black Olafsson

Godred The Black Olafsson also known as Godredd II and Gofraidh mac Amhlaibh, King of Mann, succeeded in 1143, the son of Olaf and Elfrica or Aufrica of Galloway.

He married Phingola or Fionghuala MacLochlan.

In 1156 Doughal mac Somerled, Godred's sister's son, intended to take the throne as King of the Isles. His brother in law Sumarlidhi Hold defeated him in a sea battle. They divided the Isles between them. Godred took the islands north of Ardnamurchand and Somerled took the rest. Somerled died and Godred returned to his lands. In 1158, Somerled returned and attacked the Isle of Mann again, defeating Godred, who was forced to flee to Norway.

Somerled succeeded Godred as King of the Isles.

About 1164, Reginald II, who was Godred's younger brother took the throne of Mann, but not managing to take the other isles from Somerled. Then Godred took the throne of Man from his brother and ruled Mann and the Northern Hebrides. His lands were called the Dudreys or south isles.

Godred the Black Olafsson died November 10, 1187. He was succeeded by his son Reginald IV, despite his having designated his son Olaf as his heir.

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