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Jacob Stover and Sarah I. Boone

Jacob Stover and Sarah I. Boone

We find that in 1714 Jacob Stauber was granted land, on Oley Creek, Philadelphia (now Berks County) . It is thought that Jacob moved to Virginia after his wife's death, for we find in Virginia record of one Jacob Stover's sale of land in Augusta County (now Rockingham County), to George Boone of Oley; one tract of 500 acres and another of 1000 acres described as near the end of North Mountain, on a small branch of the Shenandoah, part of 5060 acres laid out for Stover by the Council of Virginia July 1730. In 1738 a wife Margaret Stover signed a deed for land sold by Jacob to another person. Margaret was probably a second wife.

Medical Information: buried Augusta Stone Church NR Staunton Augusta Co. Virginia

Notes for SARAH I. BOONE:
Sarah did not affiliate with the Quakers. It is possible that she died quite young. According to records it is thought Jacob married again and moved to Virginia.

Subject: [COPE-L] Sarah Boone and Jacob Stover of VA records
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 23:10:26 EDT

Hi Family , found more on Sarah Boone sister of Squire Boone who married
Jacob Stover - VA records I found 1738 Orange CO VA to - 1752 Lunenburg CO
VA on Stover and later .( this is a whooper of a listing )
Found on the Stover genforum this- # 762 Jacob Sover was born 1685
Switzerland , recieved 510 acres of land , Oley twp , Berks CO ( my note:
Philadelphia CO then ) 8 Feb 1713 , Married Sarah Boone 15 Mar 1715
Philadelphia CO . In 1723 sold some of his land and name recorded as Stauber
. He could not read or write and made his mark on deed. About 1730 he
recieved a grant of 10,000 acres in Orange CO VA ( later Augusta/Shenandoah
ect. ) . He died 1741 Orange/Augusta CO VA , had 2nd wife named Margaret.
They were associtaed with the Presbyterian church. He and Sarah Boone had the
following children.
1) Jacob Stover b) ca 1716 - he was admin. of his father's estate 1741. In
1754 he was living in LUNENBURG CO VA, when he sold the last of his Father's
land in Augusta CO VA with wife Ruth.
2) Elizabeth Stover b) ca 1718 marr. William O'neal of Augusta CO VA
according to court records there.
3) Abraham Stover b) ca 1723 - living on father's 200 acres on Cub Creek in
1748. In 1741 at the time of his father's death he was listed as a minor (
born after 1720/21 ) . He is not found in Augusta CO after 1748 . He may have
been the Abraham Stover who was living in Franklin CO VA 1790.
add Forum # 641- Stover did sell land to George BOONE per records , Jacob
Stover died 1741 and Abraham being under age chose Jacob CASTLE as his

Here is what is listed on the internet and what I found on the Stovers in VA- - titeld The Friendly
Virginians: America's first Quakers, by Jay Worrall JR, Clerk of three
Friends" Meetings in Virginia. My Note: the Stover genforum has a
disagreement about Daniel Stover a listed son of Jacob & Sarah Boone Stover
some believe this Daniel Stover is not related and this would put the
Eisenhower out for this Stover/Boone linage.
1) first listing - Jacob Stover , the first settler , acquired 2 Quaker
partners - Johan Ochs ( Note: he might be the Johan Ochs listed 1734
Germantown, Philadelphia CO PA tax list ) and Ezkiel HARLAN.
Note: Gilbert Cope Bio- page 587- Ezkiel Harlan b) 7.16.1679 Ireland marr. 1-
Mary Bezer 1700-dau. of William & Sarah Bezer , Marr. 2- 1706 Ruth Buffington
dau. of Richard Buffington of Bradford, Chester CO PA. Note: Ezkiel's sister
Hannah b) 2.4.1681 marr. Samuel Hollingsworth 1708- Samuel Hollingsworth is
the son of Valentine Hollingsworth & 2nd wife Ann Calvert . Ezekiel Harlan is
the son of George Harlan of DE/PA ( 1650-1714 ) .
Note: I found George Harlan 1693 Duck Creek, New Castle CO DE tax list of
Joseph England collector. Listed next to George Harlan is Thomas Child- found
his will 1694- 1696 New Castle CO DE- - names Michael Harlan ( this is George
Harlan's brother according to Gilbert Cope and his bio is on page 587 ) and
George , his son , Mary Malings ( Malin ? ) , the dau. by Thomas Pomeroy,
Dinah Harland, Hannah Harland, Samuel Underwood, Elizabeth Dirkson, Michael
Harland;s dau. Abey.
Exc: George Harland.
Note: Tag your it- Ezekial Harlan knows Jacob Stover who marr. Sarah Boone
and his father-in-law is Richard Buffiington who is listed on the will of
Oliver Cope 1697 DE.
Note: these 1690s DE tax lists are enumerated so men listed next to each
other are turning up related.

#2) Orange CO VA - List of Delinquents for the year of 1738- Mr. Russell's
Jacob Stover 3-- added by order of court & in Mr. Russel's list
John Tilly 10 who was Constable- related to the Calloways
Jacob CASSEL 1- in Mr. Russel's list & added.
David Finley 1 ran away
Thos. Bryen- ?
Note: the above Jacob Cassel should be the one listed guardian of Abraham
Note: FYI- 1768 Rowan CO NC tax list of Gideon Wright with Daniel Boon listed
has a Jacob Castle listed and he is the same one listed as Jacob Cassell 1774
Surry CO NC tax list of Benjamin Cleveland with the Calloways, Copes' and
Note: on the 1734 Orange CO VA tax list is a George Whotun ( Wooten ? ) and
on the 1774 Surry CO NC tax list is a George Wooton listed next to JAMES
1738 list cont-
James and Stephen Rentfroe- they appear to be the same Rentfore's listed with
the VanBibbers 1748-1750 Lunenburg CO VA and 1767 Pittsylvania Co VA.
Turles Lewis- could be Terrell Lewis - seen this name in NC records.
Thos. WOOTEN- Note: there is a Thomas Wooten with a 1793 Surry CO NC will
listing - sons John, GEORGE, Richard, Abraham and Caleb.
Exr: son Thomas & Samuel Freeman
Wit: James Baddgett, William Mankin and Beriman Knight.
Note: the Wooten name is found in KY
Henry Rice- precint- Orange CO VA 1738
Henry Isabell- this name is on the 1740s and 1750s Lunenburg CO VA tax list-
Zachariah Isabell is on the Benjamin Cleveland tax list with the Copes' .
This Zachariah Isabell was an early Watauga settler one of the 13
commissoners elected 1772 and was Justice of Washington CO TN in 1778 and
signer of the Halifax petition, and was at Kings Mountian in the Rev War .

1738 Orange CO VA precint of Constable THOMAS CALLAWAY- ( marr. Mary Baker ?
) this should be the same Callaways listed 1748-1750 Lunenburg CO VA , 1767
Pittsylvania CO VA , 1774 Surry CO, NC, 1787- 1790 Wilkes CO NC and
1800-1810 Ashe CO NC who marr. into the Willcockson family in Wilkes/Ashe CO
NC. The Willcockson/ Calloway family are listed 1820 Estill CO KY by
Archibald Crawford - related to Wiley Cope's family of Clay/Perry CO KY.
Archibald CALLOWAY COPE is a son of James D. Cope who marr. Elizabeth
Crawford in Estill CO KY.
Note: I have seen one listing for Archibald Crawford grd-father of Archibald
Calloway Cope listed with the mddle name of Calloway.
On this 1738 Orange CO VA tax list is William Callaway b) ca 1714 marr. 1st.
Elizabeth TILLY and 2nd Elizabeth CRAWFORD 1752.
James Tilly is also listed and listed 1750 Lunenburg CO VA tax list of John
Phelps next to William CALLAWAY ( KY Boone related and NC Willcockson related
) who has Samuel Brown taxed with him. This tax list has the Prathers- KY
Cope related ) , Spurlocks- KY Cope related ) , Mobberlys, VanBibbers-VA/KY
Boone related ) , Vardemans from New Castle CO DE, Hollingsworths- DE ??,
Rentfroe- marr. VanBibber and others.
Note: Laz Tilly is on these Orange CO VA tax list and believe JR is found in
Surry CO NC with a will there. The Tillys are on the Benjamin Cleveland tax

#3 ) - 1748 Lunenburg CO VA tax list of Mathew Talbot-
Jacob STOBER- this should be the son of Jacob Stover/Stauber & Sarah Boone-
The name of William Bromfield seems to be found by Jacob Stober on several
tax lists- Note: a Thomas Broomfield is listed 1734 Amity twp. Philadelphia
CO PA where Joseph Boon and Mordicay Lincoln is listed - this name has a
Boone connection. There is a Bromfield and Boone marriage in Berks CO PA.
Note: a Daniel Stover is listed 1734 Colebrookdale, Philadelphia CO PA tax
list by Garret INGLE and a Jacob Harman is listed. This Daniel Stover is
listed a Mennoite by some Stover researchers and not related to Jacob.
Note: a Jacob Harman is listed in Augusta CO VA records with the INGLES ,
Lortons and Elswicks and all 3 are found on the Montgomery CO VA tax list.
Note: these Elswicks are involved with the by chane killing of William Cape
1746 Augusta CO VA. I believe the name of Daniel Stover is listed in the
Augusta CO VA records.
Henry Isabell is on the 1748 tax list with Jacob Stober.

#4) 1749 Lunenburg CO VA tax list of William Caldwell-
Jacob STOVER listed by William and James Brumfield
others-Henry Isabell, Morry WEBB- this is Merry Webb father-in-law of
Charles Burns listed 1767 Pittsylvania CO VA tax list with the Duggers.
Merry Webb might be my 6th-grt-grd-father thru Keziah Burns who marr. Wiley
Cope. Benjamin Dugger is on the Lunenburg CO VA tax listings and he is on
the 1774 Benjamin Cleveland Surry CO NC tax list with the Copes.
A Richard Dudgeon taxed with a Michael BURN are on the 1749 Lunenburg CO VA
tax list and Mathew HENSON .

#5) 1750 Lunenburg CO VA tax list of Abra. Martin-taxed with Isaac Munday

Henry Isabell

others on tax list 1750- Tyra Glen- this name has a 1774 Surry CO NC will
and is on the 1768 Rowan CO NC tax list of Gideon Wright with Daniel Boon and
Vinson JONES.
JOHN BOON ?? on the 1750 Lunenburg CO VA tax list of Nicholas Haile- others
Merryman, Thomas & Jonathan PRATER from MD, Benjamin GREER - ? from MD- this
name on the 1774 Surry CO NC tax list of Benjamin Cleveland with Copes' and
he married Nancy Willcockson dau. of John Willcockson & Sarah Boone sister of
Daniel BOONE. Benjamin Greer is also on the 1787 and 1790 Wilkes CO NC tax
and census records found by Vinson Jones, Vencent Hollingsworth, Benjamin
Cutbirth marr. Elizabeth Willcockson and the Calloways.

#6) 1752 Lunenburg CO VA tax list of William Caldwell-
Abraham STOA ??
Joseph STOW
Daniel Burns ?

# 7) 1764 Lunenburg CO VA- Cornwell parish - Elisha White list-
John White with JEREMIAH STOVER , Hnery Madison and John Weaver -10
others - Cutbirth Williamson 2xs, Daniel Burn, Elisha White with Miles Caleb
Note: we have our first Cope on the 1764 Lunenburg CO VA tax of Edmond Taylor
and he is Thomas COPE - St. James Parish which winds up in Mechlenburg CO VA
1768. The Chaves name appears on this tax list and the Curbreaths' and
Claytons and JONES names.
Note: I have seen Chaves as Chevers - Note: Upland, Chester CO PA court
page 157 - James Chivers- witness and prosecutor of Ann Buffington wife of
Richard Buffington being warant apprehended and Convicted before John Bristow
for defiling her marriage bed was by her Suirtyes Richard Buffington and
Francis Little bound over to this court and accordingly made her appearence
and was indickted.
the date appears to be 4 Jan 1689 - there is more on this and her punishment
was that she receive 10 strips upon her bear backe well laid on and 12 months
inprisonment at hard labor in ye house of correction and pay all court cost.
The Jury that convicted her were William Jenkin, Robert Barber, Albertus
Hendrickson, Thomas Smith, John Wood , Adam Roads, Nathaniel Parkes, John
Mendenhall, James Swafford, Caleb Pusie and Randall Vernon.
Richard Buffington is on the 1697 DE will of Oliver Cope
Note: I showed this to my wife and mother-in-law and boy were they mad at us

#8) 1767 Pittsylvania CO VA tax list of Hugh Innes-
Jacob STOBER and listed next to him is Jeremiah STOBER- others on this list-
Peter-John - Isacc VanBibber, John Callaway, James Rentfroe listed marr.
Esther VanBibber, Veath Dilingam marr. Hester Rentfore , William- PAUL- John-
William- HENSON-( these Hensons are on the 1787and 1790 Wilkes CO NC and
Clay CO KY census and Paul Henson ( has a Vinson JONES connection ) is listed
on all of these census records ) HOLDEN McGEE - he shows up on the 1782
Henry CO VA and 1786 Franklin CO VA tax list with and related to the
Jacob Stover marr. Sally McGahee 16 Mar 1788 Franklin CO VA with Holderell
McGhee surity.

#9) 1782 Henry CO VA tax list-
William Dllingham, Holden McGeehee, James & Thomas Hollingsworth found in
Lunenburg CO VA and later Pittsyvania CO VA tax list 1770s and believe they
are desc.s of the Hollingsworths of DE- getting close on this . These
Hollingsworths are for sure related to Vincent Hollingsworth 1773 Pitt. CO VA
and 1787 -1790 Wilkes CO NC, 1800 Ashe CO NC -desc.s 1820 Clay CO KY.
Note: on the 1697 Brandywine Hundred , New Castle CO DE tax list are Oliver
COPE, Valentine-Thomas- Henry Hollingsworth and Thomas JONES- the Copes',
Hollingsworth and Jones are on the 1820 Clay CO KY census and I will do my
best to find a connection for all 3 families to DE.

#10) 1786 Franklin CO VA tax list-
Jacob Stover SR
Jacob Stover JR- marr. Sally McGahee 1788
Holden McGehee
Jacob BOON ??
John BOON ??- I know alot of Boon/Boones but not these men
James- James Callaway
The Choats are listed and they are on all of the VA tax lists back to
Lunenburg CO VA and are from MD.
Franklin CO VA was part of Henry CO VA 1782 - Henry CO was Pittsylvania CO ,
Pitt. CO was Halifax and it was Lunenburg CO 1740s-1750s.
Looks like I tracked down one of the Boone related families and wished the
Copes' could leave a trail like this . May one day find them in Orange
/Augusta and hope to find more in Lunenburg CO VA -signs are there for this
to happen.
David ( The Messenger ) Cope
PS- may have stumbled onto a whole lot of New Castle CO DE families on the
1782 Montgomery CO VA published tax list with James, James, John, William,
William and Andrew Cope/Coape on the 1782 Montgomery CO VA index and only
found 3 on the listed list on the internet.

Jacob Stover son of Christian and wife Stover, was born about 1685 in Switzerland. He died 23 Mar 1739/40 Augusta City, Orange Co., VA. He married Sarah I. Boone, daughter of 28 Feb 1690/91 Exeter, Devonshire, England and died before 1744 Lancaster, PA. She was the daughter of George and Mary Maugridge Boone. They were married 15 Mar 1714/15 Christ Church, Philladelphia Co., PA.

Children of Jacob and Sarah Boone Stover :
1. Abraham born about 1721 Franklin Co., VA died about 1787 Carter Co., TN
2. Jacob Stover born 1717 after 1754 probably in Lunenburg Co., VA married Ruth
3. Barbara Stover born 1718 married John Lionberger
4. Magdalena Stover
5. Ruth Stover born about 1717
6. Elizabeth born about 1716 married William O'Neal
7. Daniel Stover

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Meg said...

I am part of the Stover line that spent more time in PA and from there some of the line move to VA, but you seem to be from the Stovers
that settled early in VA. They aren't related. Mine are from Germany near the swiss border and yours from Switzerland (?) The controversy about the Eisenhower connection still goes on it seems. I spent a great deal of time trying to sort it out many years ago before there was much available on the internet. It became clear to me that our line has a Daniel born in PA and there is another Daniel born in VA. I see many trees now on the internet with an entire family of Stovers born in PA with the one son Daniel born in VA. It is an obvious mix up which goes unnoticed. From what I know the Daniel from VA is the one related to Eisenhower, and those from my line seem so determined to be related to him they Stick the VA Daniel into their trees. So you get both Daniel Boone AND Eisenhower.

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