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Bernard Plantipilosa

Bernard Plantapilosa (22 March 841 – 20 June 885[1]), or Plantevelue, which meant Hairyfeet or Hairypaws, son of Bernard of Septimania and Dhuoda, was the Count of Auvergne (as Bernard II) from 872 to his death. The Emperor Charles the Fat granted him the title of Margrave of Aquitaine in 885.

His mother's Liber Manualis mentions that he was born at Uzès in the year following the death of Louis the Pious. He was appointed Margrave of Septimania (or Gothia) sometime before 868. He was the lay abbot of Brioude between 857 and 868 and Count of Autun and from 864 to 869. He was deposed sometime before 876 and replaced by Bernard of Gothia in that year. He returned to favour under Charles the Fat. At sometime during the war against Boso of Provence, he obtained the county of Mâcon.

He married Ermengard, daughter of Bernard I of Auvergne (or perhaps of Guerin I). Their son was William I of Aquitaine.

Foundation for Medieval Genealogy

BERNARD "Plantevelue", son of BERNARD Marquis of Septimania & his wife Doda --- (Uzès 22 Mar 841-[20 Jun 885/16 Aug 886], maybe 6 Jan 886). The Manual of Dhuoda records the birth "XI Kal Apr", in the year following the death of Emperor Louis, at "Uzecia urbes" of the second child [Bernard] of Doda and her husband Bernard[122]. The Annales Bertiniani name "rex markiones Bernardum scilicet Tolosæ et iterum Bernardum Gothiæ, itemque Bernardum alium" in 868[123], this being Bernard Marquis of Gothia, although the date of his appointment has not so far been traced. Lay Abbot of Brioude 857/68. Comte d'Autun 864/69, deposed. Comte de Rodez 864/74. Comte d'Auvergne after 872. The Annales Bertiniani name "Bernardum Arvenicum comitem" in 877[124]. He obtained the county of Mâcon during the wars between the Carolingians and the Bosonids[125]. The 13th century obituary of the Eglise primatiale de Lyon records the death "VIII Id Jan" of "Bernardus comes"[126], although it is not certain that this relates to the same person.

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