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Thomas Lilly and Roseanna Meador

Thomas Lilly was born in 1775 in Bedford Co., VA as the first child of Robert Lilly and Mary Fanny Moody. He had three siblings, namely: Judith, Edmond, and Robert. He died in 1834 in Giles Co., VA. When he was 23, He married Roseanna Meador,daughter of Josiah Meador and LoviniaLorina Moody, on 22 Aug 1798 in Montgomery Co., VA.

Thomas Lilly was buried in Summers Co., WV (Shooting Bob Lilly Cemetery).

Thomas Lilly and Roseanna Meador had the following children:

1.Juda Lilly was born in 1801 in Montgomery Co., VA. She died in 1866 in , Mercer, West Virginia, USA. She married Josiah Meador before 1823 in , , Virginia, USA.

2.Thomas J. Lilly was born in 1802 in Montgomery Co., VA. He died in 1884 in Summers Co., WV (Age: 82). He married Delilah H. Payne in 1821 in Giles Co., VA.

3.William Talltanker Lilly was born in 1803 in Giles, Virginia, United States. He died in 1865 in Mercer, West Virginia, United States.

4.Robert (Bear Wallow Bob) Lilly was born in 1806 in Montgomery Co., VA. He died in 1883 in On Bench Bluestone, Summers, West Virginia, USA. He married Elizabeth Payne in 1830 in , , Virginia, USA.

5.Elizabeth Lilly was born in 1807 in , Montgomery, Virginia, USA. She died on 09 Oct 1888 in , Livingston, Illinois, USA. She married Henry Durflinger in 1830 in , , Ohio, USA.

6.Pleasant Lilly was born about 1807 in Giles Co., VA. He died on 02 Mar 1887 in Raleigh Co., VA. He married Delilah Pittman in 1821 in Monroe, Amherst, Virginia, USA. He married Nancy Shrewsberry on 13 Aug 1881 in Raleigh, , Virginia, USA.

7.John Tilden Pence Lilly was born in 1809 in , Giles, Virginia, USA. He died in 1864 in , Mercer, West Virginia, USA. He married Nancy Payne Meador in 1833 in , Giles, Virginia, USA.

8.Mary Lilly was born in 1809 in Giles Co., VA. She died in 1850 in Fayette Co. , Virginia, USA.

9.Turner Lilly was born in 1811 in , Mercer, West Virginia, USA. He died after 1870 in Mercer, Virginia, USA. He married Araminta Brammer in 1830.

10.Joshua Lilly was born in 1819. He died in 1865 in Dunns, Mercer Co. , West Virginia.

11.Daniel Taylor Lilly was born in 1823. He died in 1865 in Dunns, Mercer, West Virginia, USA.

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  [Lilly2.FTW]     Thomas is in 1810 census of Giles Co.

 Thomas is in 1810 census of Giles Co.

History of Summers County from the Earliest Settlement to ... - Page 463
James Henry Miller, ‎Maude Vest Clark - 1908
From Thomas descended the following: Thomas Lilly, his oldest son, who married Delilah Payne, of Taswell County, Virginia, and settled on Bluestone River, seven miles from its mouth. He was the father of Levi Lilly, Thomas Lilly (who is the fathr of the present county superintendent of schools of Summers County), George W. Lilly, Josiah Lilly ("Dick"), Robert Lilly, known as "Shooting Bob," and Austin Lilly, the father of ex-coun ty superintendent of Summers County; J.F. Lilly, known as "Tess," and several daughters. Thomas Lilly died in 1884, at the age of 82.

"Historical Genealogy of the Basham, Ellison, Hatcher, Lilly, Meadows, Pack, Walker, and Other Families"
pg. 63 ----Compiled by Charles Silas Hatcher

Thomas Lilly, the son of the original Robert and Frances (Moody)Lilly, married Rosana Meador.
The marriage bond is dated August 22, 1798, and recorded in Montgomery County, Virginia. The letter of parents' consent was signed by Rosana's mother, Lorina Meador. Thomas and Rosana settled on Big Bluestone River and were the parents of eleven children:

William (Taliancher Bill),
Robert (Bear Wallow Bob),
John Pence,

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