Saturday, October 12, 2013

John Lilly Lysley and Isabelle Dorlaston Darlaston

John Lilly Lysley was born about 1595 in Tamworth, Staffordshire, England as the first child of John Lilly and Mary Willoughby. He died in 1645 in York Co., VA. When he was 4, He married Isabelle Dorlaston Darlaston,daughter of Homfrey Humfrey Dorlaston Darlaston and Christine Turner, on 24 Nov 1599 in Tamworth, Staffordshire, England.

John Lilly Lysley and Isabelle Dorlaston Darlaston had the following children:

1. William Lilly was born in Charles, VA.

2.John Lilly was born about 1615 in Charles, VA. He died about 1644 in Milford Haven, York Co., VA. He married MaryMargaret Maulson about 1630.
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