Monday, March 23, 2015

Ian Camm MacGregor

Most modern historians have agreed that the first chief of Clan Gregor was Gregor of the golden bridles. His son was Iain Camm One eye, who succeeded as the second chief sometime before 1390.

 Way, George and Squire, Romily. Collins Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopedia. (Foreword by The Rt Hon. The Earl of Elgin KT, Convenor, The Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs). Published in 1994. Pages 220 – 221.

He died on 19 April 1390.

He held the three glens of the rivers Orchy, Strae and Lochy on the opposite watershed to Strathfillan and Glendochart.1 He held the position of 2nd Chief of Clan Gregor.1 Iain MacGregor of Glenorchy, 2nd Chief of Clan Gregor also went by the nick-name of Iain 'Cam' (or in English, 'the one-eyed'
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