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Gregor Aluin MacGregor

Gregor Aluin MacGregor:
Aluin means "handsome". He was from Glenorchy, Scotland.   b c1360. d Glenorchy 1415

GREGOR., born about 1365, succeeded his father in 1390 as Laird of Glenorchy. In the family legends he is termed "Gregor Aluinn" [Gregor the Handsome]. According to the Chronicle of Fortingal (compiled in 1531), "Gregor MacEoin Cham [Gregor son of John, Blind of One Eye] died in Glenorchy in 1415 and was buried by the high altar in Dysart Church". He married Iric, daughter of Malcolm MacAlpin

Gregor married Iric MacAlpin.

History of the Clan Gregor: A.D. 878-1625 

Amelia Georgiana Murray MacGregor

W. Brown, 1898

"The above entries, the Bard's genealogy, and others from "The Black Book of Taymouth," enable us to define positively that the house of Glenstray descended in direct line from this John Dhu, and as he had a brother, Gregor, who coincides with Gregor, surnamed Aulin, in the "Baronage," we are led to believe that these two Gregors were identical.
From the "Baronage": --

"XII. Gregor, called Aulin (Aluinn)--i.e. "perfectly handsome" succeeded. He married Iric, daughter of his uncle Malcolm McAlpin, son of the said Malise, and died circiter annum, 1413 leaving by his said lady five sons and several daughters--

1. Malcolm, his heir.
2. John, first designed of Breachd-sliabh, who eventually became Laird of MacGregor.
3. Gillespie, or Archibald, who married and had issue.
4. Gregor, of whom the family of Ruath shruth, or Roro (as will be shown later, the name of this son was probably Duncan).
5. Dugal Ciar."

In the course of this, the fourteenth century, the sovereigns had given many lands to those who supported them, and amongst these were territories occupied by the ClanGregor as Crown tenants--i.e., settled on the Crown lands by royal favour either as a reward for military services or connected with the royal house, which tradition asserts, or the tribe may have enjoyed allodial occupation of these localities from time immemorial.

Alternate parentage has been given to show descent from Kenneth McAlpin

Gregor MacAlpin of Glenurchy (d 1040)

m. _ Campbell (dau of _ Campbell of Lochow)

1. Sir John Macgregor of Glenorchy or Glenurchy (d c1113)

m. "an English lady of great beauty"

A. Sir Malcolm Macgregor (d c1164)

m. Marjory (youngest dau of William, nephew of the King)

i. William Macgregor, 'Lord'

m. _ Lindsay

a. Gregor Macgregor, 'Lord'

m. Marion (dau of Gilchrist)

(1) Malcolm Macgregor, 'Lord' (d 1374)

m. Mary Maclpin (dau of Malise Macalpin of Finnick)

(A) Gregor 'Aulin' Macgregor (d c1413)

m. Iric Maclpin (dau of Malcolm Macalpin, cousin)

Hous and Gang of Gregor McAne'

This is some dispute as to whether he is the son of Ian Dubh or the son of Ian Dubh's brother Gregor Aluin (the Handsome).

The baronage of Angus and Mearns

By David MacGregor Peter

Says Gregor was called "Aulin" meaning perfectly handsome and that he married Iric McAlpin, daughter of Mailise McAlpine, who was his maternal uncle. He is listed as the son of Malcolm Dominus De McGregor, who died in 1374.

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