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Sir James MacDonald

James MacDonald is shown in ,Historical and biographical annals of Columbia and Montour counties ...‎ - Page 669 Columbia County (Pa.) - 1915 to be the son of Donald MacDonald and "Fair" Janet Mackezie, as does, The History and Genealogy of the Habersham Family, by Joseph Bulloch

James McDonald-Sarah Ferguson, their progenitors and their posterity‎ - Page 4
by Ila May Fisher Maughan -1964 Shows Sir James Mor MacDonald, second Baronet, having two wifes, Margaret Mackenzie and Mary MacLeod

A family memoir of the Macdonalds of Keppoch, ed. by C.R. Markham, with ...‎ - Page 18
by Angus Macdonald – 1885
Sir James MacDonald, ninth Baron of Slate, and second Baronet. Like his father, he wa a steady loyalist, suffering many hardships on account of his attachment to his much beloved sovereign.

He was with the Marquis of Montrose at the siege of Inverness, A.D. 1645, and sent a body of men to the Royal army before the battle of Worcester, 1651. When the loyalists were suppressed, and the King had submitted to his fate, he retired into the Isle of Skye, where he lived with that circumspection which was necessary in such times. When Lord Broghill was in Scotland, during the usurpation, in a letter to Secretary Thurloe he writes that he had conversed with Sir James MacDonald, representing him as a man of great abilities, of great interest with his people, and of good intelligence abroad. On King Charles II's restoration he was fined to a large amount, at the instigation of the Earl of Middleton, then Secretary of State, who had a grant of his fine; a practice which he successfully used against many families who incurred his displeasure.

The Privy Council sent Sir James a commission to pursue and punish the murdereres of his kinsman, MacDonald of Keppoch, who had usurped his possessions. This afflicting event arose from a feud with the Macdougals; but non e of those immediately concerned escaped punishment. Sir James sent their heads to Edinburgh, and received the thanks of the Lords of the Council by letter from the Earl, afterwards Duke of Rothes, signifying that he had done most acceptable service to His Majesty.

Sir James married, first, Margaret, daughter of Sir Roderick Mackenzie of Tarbat, ancestor of the Earl of Cromarty, by whom he had two sons and two daughters---
1.Sir Donald, his heir
2.Hugh of Glenmore, progenitor of the MacDonalds of Serlie, Sortle, etc.
3.3. Catherine, married to Sir Norman MacLeod of Bernary
4.Florence, married daughter of Roderick MacLeod
He married, secondly, Mary, daughter of Roderick MacLeod and had son:
1.John MacDonald of Blackney.
Sir James died in December 1678

The peerage of Ireland: or, A genealogical history of the present nobility ...‎ - Page 116
by John Lodge, Mervyn Archdall – 1789 agrees with this account.

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Son of Somhairlidh said...

James McDonald b 1802 County Down Ireland was not descended from Sir James Macdonald. Ila Maughan's statement was that further research was necessary (not that it was a fact) in her book and it has since been determined the links to Clan Donald chiefs were the misrepresentations of a fraudulent genealogist. See www.mcdonaldfamilyhistory.com and clandonald-heritage.com

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