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Duncan Abberach MacGregor

History of the Clan Gregor
By Amelia Georgiana Murray MacGregor, Clan Gregor Society

Duncan MacGregor, was the son of Gregor,and grandson of Duncan Ladosach, called Donach Abberach, from having been immediately after his father's murder carried into Lochaber by his mother's friends, as were his two brothers, to Athol and Stratherarn, by other relations, in order to save them from also being killed.

He was a stout man of very fine appearance, and soon acquired a reputaion all over the Highlands. Duncan Dubh, a churic, dreaded that this young hero would make him answer for the murder of his father and grandfather and take back the lands he had gained by these murders. He endeavored to reconcile with Duncan Abberach. Locheil influenced Duncan to accept the offer Duncan Dubh made of his father's lands and those of Corriecharmaig and Tomachrochair in Glenorchy. These two Duncans were sworn to inviolable friendship in the presence of Locheil and several other chiefs at a meetingg of the friends of both held for that purpose in the Braes of Glenurchy.

Duncan Abberach's first wife was named Christian, and was a daughter from the family of MacDonald of Keppoch. They had a son who died young.

He married 2nd, a daughter to MacFarlane descended from the Lennox and had three sons by her.

1. Patrick his successor

2. Robert (whom the History of the Clan Gregor,says was a man of rare martial genius)

3. Alpin who married and had issue

The above named History, says that the first mention of Duncan Abberach is in the record of forfeitures September 8, 1569. He found favor with the Earl of Argyle as seen in this Bond of Maintenance:

"1573, August 24...Be it kend till all men and sundrie to quhom it efferis we Archibald Erle ofArgyle Lord Campbell and Lord justice and chancellor of Scotland &a. to half resavit our louittis (lovites) Duncan Abbroche McGregor, Patrick McGregor, Allaster Skorinche ( )McGregor, Molcollum McGregor, Patrick Awilochi (Aulach) McGregor and Dougal McGregor the saidis Duncanis bredrene, thair airis and offspring in our manitenanc. And also in our airis protection and defence in all thair just and lesum materis aganis all maner of mane. the authorite of Scotland beand exceptit. The saidis Duncane McGregor and the rest, bredern, thair airis and offspring beand leill and trew to us and our airis and to serf us at all tymes we pleis, to chairge thayme to thair powar and alss the foirsaidis, to be of rewl in all tymes cumin, and trew and civil subdittis of our souerane theKingis Majestie. And giff ony hes to say to thayme for any thing that sall chance fra this farther to call thame or ony to the use of this realme witht certificatioune gif ony with intend againis thame or ony of thayme aplyable to the lawis. And willis thir presentis to be maid manifest in all placis neidfull Be this subscryvit with our hand at the Carrick the 14. day of Aug. 1573. (signed) Ar: Erall Ergyll And for the mair verificatioune causit affixe our signet herto, &a The names of thair airis and offspring conteinit in this band and off thamselffis that is presentlie in lyff, Duncan Abbrach McGregour, Robert McGregour his sone, Duncan and .... also his sonis; Allaster Skerrich McGregour, Duncan....Also his sones Johne McGregour in Morinche, sone to Patrik Dow and Patrik McGregour brother to the said Johne." Luss Collection.

This Paper, quoted in the "Chartulary," after Mr. MacGregor Stirling's careful investigations among the Luss Papers, corroborates the names Patrick Aulach, and of Duncan's son Robert, as given in the "Baronage" many years before the existence of the Band was known.

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crzypopmac said...

Can you tell me the source or references for listing the 3 sons as sons of the unknown Ms MacFarlane, and not as the sons of Christian MacDonald?

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