Monday, July 28, 2008

My Descent From William Gellone

Descent From William/Guillaume Gellone
(note: + indicates spouse)

Guillaume De Gellone 750/70-812/15
+Kunigunde Des Franks 770-804

2 Bernard of Septimania 805-844

3 Bernard Plantapilosa 840

Regelindus 842/44

+ Vulgrin --886

5 Hilduin 886-916
+Unknown Concubine

6 William I Taillifer-962

7 Arnaud -987

8 William II Taillifer 978-1028
+Gerberga De Anjou 979-1041

9 Geoffrey I Taillifer 988-1048
+Petronella De Archaic 994-

10 Fulk Taillifer-1087
+Codoha Concolia d/Eu -aft 1087

11William III Taillifer -1122
+Vitapoi de Bezaum

12 Vulgrin II Taillifer -1140
+Pontia De Montgomery

13 William Taillifer 1134-1179
+ Margarette De Turrenne

14 Aymer Taillifer 1160-1202
+Alice Alix de Courtenay

15 Isabella Taillifer 1189-1246
+ 1. Hugh Lusignan
+ 2. John Lackland

This is a pretty good place to branch off because I have descents from both husbsands.

My earlier posts have been concerning the descendants and history of the descendants of William Gellone. So, I figured that in the interest of organization, I would post a skeleton outline of my descent from him. I will be adding links to each person that I have any available information on, so this post will be edited as I go along.
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