Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Henry II Sinclair(1375-1422) and William Sinclair(c. 1408-c.1484)

I decided to put up my descent from Henry II Sinclair(1375-1422) and William Sinclair(c. 1408-c.1484). I researched this line because of their connection to the Knights Templar and the Freemasons, there having been so much on this subject in the media recently.

Since this is going to be a work in progress, check back here frequently to find post updates. I am presenting my line here, and as I update it, the names will be connected to links, that will take you to posts on each generation.

Henry Sinclair(1375-1422) Egidia Douglas(-)
WilliamSinclair(c. 1408-c.1484)-Marjory Sutherland(1436-1480)
Elizabeth Douglas(1570-1631) Francis Hay(1564-1631)
William Hay (1570-1636) Anne Lyon(1598-1637)
Margaret Hay(1601-1695) Henry Kerr(1599-1642)
Margaret Kerr(1625-1681) James Innes(1625-1694)
Hugh Innes(1645-)
Elizabeth Innes(1669-1777) William Mitchell(1667-1725)
Mary Mitchell(1693-1777) Henry Clay(1672-1760)
William Mitchell Clay (1710-1774) Martha Runyan(1710-1764)
Mary Elizabeth Clay(1755-1797) Jeremiah Solesbury(1755-1809)
Thomas Solesbury(1779-1824) Lucy Maxey(1782-1818)
Rebecca Shrewsbury(c. 18225-) Levi Madison Lilly(1822-1913)
George Washington Lilly(1843-1905) Naomi Virginia Hayton(1845-1927)
Mary Elizabeth Lilly Frank Clifton Taylor Sr.(my grandparents)
Frank Clifton Taylor Jr. Judith Ann Harless (my parents) deceased

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